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Rhet Fiskness AIA, NCARB

I don’t need caffeine to get excited about architecture.

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Teaching as an adjunct professor of architecture at North Dakota State University keeps me energized. Serving the community as a board member for non-profit housing developer, Beyond Shelter, Inc, and board member at Burning Hearts Church keeps me humbled. Competing for AIA Design Awards keeps me creative. As founder and principal of RHET Architecture, I am immersed in all things architecture.

Titles are boring, but the work of organizations like the AIA is not. I was honored to serve as the President of FM Architects from 2007 through 2011 and the Regional Director of the Young Architects Forum for the North Central States from 2012 through 2016. Career highlights include being honored as the AIA ND Intern of the Year in 2008 and serving as an AIA Delegate to Capitol Hill.

I am passionate about architecture and eagerly participate in design competitions, regularly complete Minnesota Design Team community visits, and provide pro-bono architectural services to University of the Nations; Calabar, Nigeria; Children’s Relief Orphanage in Dondo, Mozambique; and Fargo-Moorhead Churches United for the Homeless. My favorite project to date is the St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center Choir Loft, which won an AIA ND Design Award.

Prior to receiving a Bachelor of Architecture degree from North Dakota State University, I studied Modern Nordic Architecture at the University of Oulu, Finland.




the rhet architecture team

After 10 years working in the architect industry, it was time to for me (Rhet) to take my passion for design to a new level – working directly with clients to create great buildings. So, in 2012, in a small spare bedroom of my home, RHET Architecture was formed. Within weeks of the firm’s conception, I was boarding a private airplane to Bismarck, ND, to begin designing a 50 million dollar project. The dream of RHET Architecture was already soaring.

Fast forward to today’s tight-knit team of one licensed architect, two architects-in-training, interns, and support staff. Fast moving timelines and large scale projects are what fuel us. Working with a strong network of freelance architects out of Boston, Chicago, and Minnesota helps our team get the job at hand done. Together, we have designed thousands of housing units and hundreds of projects across seven states. Our foci are senior and multi-family housing, memory care, retail, corporate offices, light commercial, and industrial. Other project types range from institutional to single family residential.

A special thanks to our repeat clients for years of growth and success, many with whom we have longstanding relationships.



Ben Meland, President
Enclave Companies

Bill & Gina Nelson, Owners
Lilac Homes Memory Care

Dan Madler, CEO
Beyond Shelter, INC.

Ken Regan, CEO
Sterling Real Estate Trust

John Satrom, President / CEO
Northwestern Bank

Ted Sanders, R.D. Offutt Company 



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